While on a family stay-cation, OBX locals Cooper & Krista Barnes discovered the need for ice delivery across the Outer Banks. The refrigerator in the rental home the Barnes were staying in could not produce the amount of ice needed to fill a beach cooler. Instead of spending quality time with their friends and family, vacationers in the home were always running out to buy more ice. Cooper & Krista noticed that the ice brought from the store was wrapped in wasteful plastic bags. The Barnes knew that plastic packaging damages our environment and pollutes our waterways. Not to mention, people visiting the OBX struggle to find a sustainable yet affordable option for ice delivery. That’s when the idea for Easy Ice was born.

Easy Ice is the start to an ice revolution. We are an ice delivery service that eliminates the use of plastic bags from our packaging and provides OBX home owners, vacationers and businesses with a steady supply of ice. Say “so long!” to the hassle of searching for bags of ice to fill your beach cooler. Easy Ice delivery services provide you and your family, vacation home renters, and event attendees with the added convenience of fresh ice delivered to you each day!

outer banks ice cooler